Sine Wave Filter

Best-in-class SineWave Filter for cleaning PWM output from VFD.

  • Increases motor life
  • Protection of Motor cable & connected Load equipment
  • Easy to install and service.
  • Operates in high ambient temperatures.
  • High performance and reliability.

Output of all VFD having PWM waveform with high frequency and voltage peak. It will damage Motor, Cable and connected Load equipment. Prima Transformers Pvt Ltd designed Sine Wave Filters transform the output of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to a near perfect sinusoidal waveform for the best level of motor protection. Prima’s unique, design offers high performance with smaller size and better efficiency than traditional LC Filter.


The Sine Wave Filter also offers incredible reliability and durability. It is more efficient and tolerates higher ambient temperatures, making it ideal for a variety of applications from steel mills to oil fields. Its modular design and smaller footprint make it easier to integrate and install.

Increase motor life: Reduce motor heating through reduction of high frequencies associated with VFD output and also reduce motor insulation stress through reduction of motor peak voltages.

Reduce motor audible noise:Reduce audible noise through reducing high frequencies associated with VFD output. Reduce radiated emissions: Reduce emissions through reducing high frequencies associated with VFD output.

Protect your motor cable: The reduction of high frequencies associated with VFD output eliminates the need for special motor cables.

Performance Specifcations

  • Service Load Condition

    Conventional 3 phase motors Standard step-up transformer optional

  • Input Voltage

    380V - 600V +/- 10%

  • Current Range

    2A - 500A

  • Harmonic Voltage Distortion

    5% maximum @ 2kHz

  • Inverter Switching Frequency

    2kHz to 12kHz

  • Inverter Operating Frequency

    6Hz to 75Hz; >75Hz to 120Hz with derating

  • Maximum Ambient Temperature

    -40C to +60C modular filter, -40C to +55C enclosed filter, -40C to +90C storage

  • Insertion Loss (Voltage)

    6% maximum @ 50Hz

  • Efficiency


  • Altitude Without Derating

    3,300 feet above sea level

  • Maximum Motor Lead Length

    15,000 feet

  • Relative Humidity

    0% to 95% non-condensing

  • Current Rating

    100% RMS continuous; 150% for 1 minute intermittent

Application Configurations

The Sine Wave Filter which protects motors from damage by “cleaning” the sine wave waveform that is generated by the Variable Frequency Drive.

Harmonic Filters

Adaptive Passive Technology for superior harmonic mitigation at varying loads

  • Adapts to varying power loads.
  • Best performance in the industry.
  • Extends the service life of electrical equipment.
  • Generator compatible.
  • Performance guarantee.

Simply put, our Harmonics Filter is the most advanced passive filter on the market today. Most traditional filters work fine at 100% power load, but severely underperform at lower loads. Our Harmonics Filter is different, because we know almost no one runs at full load all the time. Its patented Adaptive Passive Technology virtually eliminates harmonic distortion by adapting to varying power loads. It delivers better THID performance, increases energy efficiency, and allows you to meet IEEE-519 requirements. Its unique design generates less heat, and is easy to install and maintain. Plus it is generator compatible. With Prima’s Harmonic Filters, power quality, energy efficiency and reduced downtime are easy to achieve.


The best-in-class Prima’s Harmonic Filters can be specified for use on the input of your VFD or other 6-pulse rectifier power supply to enable your system to meet the IEEE-519 requirements for harmonic distortion, regardless of power load.

Features our patented Adaptive Passive Technology for superior harmonic mitigation and better THID performance over a wider load range.

Prima’s performance guarantee provides peace of mind that the Matrix AP will meet or exceed performance expectations - every time.

Extends service life of electrical equipment, especially transformers and motors, due to the virtual elimination of CEMF and the skin effect.

Alleviates system downtime by preventing blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers.

Harmonic Filters can help ensure that your system meets the IEEE-519 requirements for harmonic current.

General Specification

  • Nominal operating voltage:

    3x 380 to 500VAC

  • Voltage tolerance range:

    3x 342 to 550VAC

  • Operating frequency:

    50/60Hz ±1 Hz

  • Network:

    TN, TT, IT

  • Nominal motor drive input current rating

    10 to 320A @ 50°C

  • Nominal filter input current rating

    7Amps to 360Amps @ 50°C

  • Nominal motor drive input power rating

    4 to 200kW

  • Total harmonic current distortion TH ID

    <6% @ rated power

  • Total demand distortion TDD:

    According to IEEE 519

  • Partially weighted harmonic distortion PWHID

    <22% @ rated power

  • Efficiency:

    >98% @ nominal line voltage and power

  • Drive dc-link voltage behavior:

    No load: +10% | Full load: -5%

  • High potential test voltage:

    3000VAC For 1 min

  • SCCR:


  • Protection category:

    IP00 to IP23

  • Pollution degree:

    1, 2 (according to IS 1394)

  • Cooling:

    Internal forced cooling

  • Overload capability:

    1.6x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

    2x rated current for 10 seconds, once per hour

    5x rated current for 1 second, once per hour

  • Capacitive current at low load:

    <30% of rated input current, at 400VAC

    <37% of rated input current, at 500VAC

  • Ambient temperature range:

    -25°C to +50°C fully operational

    +50°C to +70°C derated operation

    -25°C to +85°C transportation and storage

  • Insulation class of magnetic components:

    F (150°C) / H (180°C)

  • Design corresponding to:

    IS 2026 / IS 11171 IEC60076 / IEC 519

  • MTBF @ 50°C/500V (Mil-HB-217F):

    >200,000 hours

  • MTTR:

    <15 minutes (capacitors and fans)

  • Lifetime (calculated):

    Min. 15 years

  • Safety monitoring functions:

    Over-temperature of magnetic components

  • Safety monitor output signal:

    NO switch

Application Configurations